On-site Issue Reporting

BugBox allows you to report issues on a web page and to track them on a Trello board.

  1. Point an Issue

    It's like putting a sticky note on your site

  2. Describe the Issue

    URL, screenshot, and other meta info are saved automatically

  3. A Trello Card is Created

    The issue is saved in a Trello board assocated with your site


How does a BugBox issue board look like?

Here is an example board

How do I collaborate with my team?

BugBox stores issues in a Trello board. People invited to the Board see the issues on your site as well(given that they've installed the extension).

I don't want to force my team to install a browser extension. Can I still use BugBox?

Sure! Your team won't be able to see issues directly on the page where you pointed them, but they can still use Trello to work through them.

Does the extension send information to 3rd party sites?

BugBox is linked to your Trello account and does not communicate with other services.

Is BugBox free?

Yes. The code is licensed under GPLv2 and available on GitHub.

Who's behind BugBox?

The folks at htmlBurger. We developed the tool for internal use, but decided to open it to the public.

Can I use BugBox with browsers different than Chrome?

Not for time being; In the future we might implement drop-in js snippet, so you're able to to use BugBox with any browser.